About Us

Introducing an all-new social travel network that makes it easy to organize, save and share authentic travel recommendations for all the world’s destinations – in a “boxe.”

The Story of Travelboxe

We’re in love with traveling. Always have been, always will be. But as people who love to travel – from the early planning process to boarding the plane – we were consistently under-whelmed by the existing resources for accessing relevant and meaningful travel recommendations. We were tired of spending hours on websites full of star ratings and lengthy reviews from strangers who oftentimes rant more than rave. And so, we found ourselves reverting back to the tried and true way of planning a trip: we asked our friends who were familiar with that destination for their personal advice.

And then we thought: What if the next time a family member, friend or colleague asked us for travel tips about a city we’ve been to, we didn’t have to write down pages of recommendations in an email or try to remember the name of that incredible tucked-away restaurant we stumbled upon the last time we were there?

Or instead of trying to navigate a confusing and unreliable landscape of online travel resources to plan our next trip, we could quickly access a network of our friends to collect the travel advice that we really want and trust, all in an organized and fun way?

Well, we thought it was a rad idea – and that’s why we created TRAVELBOXE, so that the travelers of the world can stop wasting time and start planning the best trips of their lives! Let the Boxe-ing begin!