How To Use Travelboxe

Travelboxe is all about organizing your travel recommendations and sharing them
with your friends. This page outlines some of the key features and acts as a
“guide” for creating boxes, connecting with friends and adding recommendations.

Create Some Boxes

The entire Travelboxe network is all about creating a “BOXE” of recommendations for any city in the world. You can create a boxe with ease, by simply looking for the “Create a Boxe” button (shown below).

A Few Tips

1. Prep your cover photos first (for the cities you would like to build boxes for).

2. Use the “Create a Boxe” icon, located in the main navigation bar (shown below).

Add some recommendations

Once you've created a boxe, it’s time to start adding recommendations for that city. To add a recommendation, simply click the ‘Add a Recommendation’ button inside the boxe and begin filling out the form fields. Then upload your own image or select one of ours.

A Few Tips

1. Prep your recommendations images first (a default image will appear if you don’t have one).

2. If you want to add recommendations to a boxe you already created, simply open that boxe and click the ‘add recommendations’ button.

Share With Friends

You can share boxes and recommendations with your friends through the Travelboxe site and a variety of social networks. Simply look for the ‘Share’ icons and buttons circled on the right.

A Few Tips

1. Make it easy to share through social networks by connecting your accounts in Account Settings/Social.

2. You can share an entire boxe or a single recommendation.

Save Your Friends’ Boxes

You can save your friends’ boxes to your dashboard to reference for your next trip by pressing the ‘Save This’ button at the top or bottom of a boxe or the heart icon on the boxe cover.

A Few Tips

1. You can find your saved boxes at the bottom of your dashboard.

2. The number next to the heart icon on the boxe cover is how many times that boxe has been saved.

Find Friends

Find your friends by using the search tool in the main navigation bar. You can also connect your Travelboxe account with your social networks to see who is already on the Travelboxe network.

A Few Tips

1. Use the search bar to find friends. Just make sure you are on the “users” tab to show results.

2. Connect your account with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to enhance your experience.

Icon Guide

Create a Boxe
How many recommedations are in this boxe
How many times this boxe has been saved
Boxe it (adds someone else’s recommendation to your own boxe)